IMU: Google Street Portrait


In 2013, I was given the opportunity to create site specific work using projection for a set of retail windows located at Block 37 on Randolph St in the Chicago Loop. As research, I decided to take a “Google walk” to the location and I was haunted by the blurred faceless portraits created by Google’s face recognition software. Created in an attempt to mediate our right to privacy within its mapping technology, I question the algorithm’s success. Where are the original files? Are they being used in ways we don’t know? Is this really an acceptable mediation of surveillance in public space that happens to occur on a global scale? IMU: Google Street Portraits inserts my own identity into those blurred portraits. This surrogacy of identities in the face of public surveillance is at the core of my latest body of work where I am developing my own identity as a defense technology others can use as protection against these technologies

VIdeo Ken

Video Ken, is an experimental video piece that explores the comercialization of the male body through the metaphor of media and socialization. All content was found via youtube or other media outlets. VIdeo Ken was created with the intention of being projected into real space, in a commercial setting such as a toy store.

WARNING: this work does have full nudity and explicit imagery. Viewer discretion is advised

The following are the individual video collages that comprise "Video Ken"


PROSTHESIS: The Human Condition, DocumentaryCo-

A short documentary by Dennis Burke and Leo Selvaggio that explores the post human condition in our current society by interviewing four artists: Daniel Ploeger, Tiffany Funk, Sabrina Raaf, and Micha Cardenas. The documentary explores themes of augmentation, gender, and concerns surrounding post-human discourse.



Vacationing in Asbury Park, NJ durring 4th of July 2012 with some friends, I noticed this small play of light peaking through the curtain onto our ceiling. It was utterly sublime. Entranced by this light I was compelled to take video of it. My friends didn't share in this experience, they went about their morning, unsure and unable to understand my obsession. This work is a reflection of that experience, of having a private internal moment in communal environment of others who did not share my perception.


Study of A Body in Digital Space, Time, and Light