Restroom Interventions



The bathroom, especially a public one, holds a mystical quality about it in the realm of privacy. It is both public, or shared by several individuals, and yet somehow private in terms of the specific business that is conducted there. We don’t shit out in the open, do we? What really separates us from others when we are on a toilet. Can two sheets of metal that reach neither the floor nor the ceiling and a flimsy door really be considered a suitable boundary for such an intimately private experience? And if those walls are questionable dividers between us and others, then what other walls need to be examined? Are we really ever in state of privacy? Are we really all alone when we sit in that stall?

Dump A Confesssion 2012


Self Project: Bathroom Edition 2012


Golden Urinal 2012


Pissing Contest 2012


F2 Experimental Prototype Designer Spigot (Phallic Fountain) 



8 channel sound installation, field recorded bathroom sounds.