Human Screen


This experimental collaboration for with Dennis Burke examined both of our interests in public spaces, moving images, and the body. Performance took place in downtown Chicago in late 2013. Documentation and Technical Support: Valentina Vella, Tom Ruiz, Adrienne Ciskey



Warped Wood is an experimental performance that mixes sound and my own body as a site for tactile interaction. The metaphor employed in this work is that of a broken or warped instrument. This is accomplished through a Max/MSP program, and a custom-made body suit outfitted with five contact mics, which act as touch sensors. As the audience interacts with my body, producing potentially melodic sound, the program will degrade the audio signal until its completely warped and no longer capable of composing “music”, much like a broken instrument. Warped Wood explores how this metaphor relates to ideas of performance, self worth, and idealism in my own body. Furthermore, this work utilizes Skinnerian behavioral methodology as a means of producing performance. I employ concepts of target behaviors, reinforcement, and interval scheduling. The use of this method exemplifies my interest in extra-disciplinary artist research and investigation.

Warped Wood (MaxMSP patches)

Technical Patches and Images of performance

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Columbia College 2012 Manifest Art Festival. Warped Wood Installation.


Size Me Up PushUp

Media Performance, 2011



Sound Installation8 channel sound and speakers, field recordings, and MaxMSP programing., 2012

Duece Max Patcher

Installed at Columbia College's Department of Interdisciplinary Art and Media, Duece lives in the department's hallway outfitted with 8 speakers. While the video shows a linear mapping of the soundscape, the MaxMSP program I wrote randomizes the sequence, durration, and delay of sounds in the space. Duece represents my interests in the mediation of public and supposedly private spaces.

Download Patcher HERE