URME Two Way Mirror

A prototype of my URME 2 Way Mirror, an interactive installation that virtually exchanges my identity with the viewers by digitally replacing my face with with theirs and vice versa. This is accomplished using Max MSP. For further conceptual consideration of this work, which is a continuation of the original work URME MIRROR below

Surveillance Art1: Interactive Image Processor

Surveillance Art1 questions the use of surveillance technologies in general and in art practice by exposing its original function under the guise of an interactive experience. How did these technologies originate and who controlled their dissemination into the public sector? While the answer to these questions are difficult and perhaps impossible to answer with consensus, SA1 demonstrates the need to be critical of the technologies we use




The U_R_MY_ART series are the results of my interactive project Surveillance Art1. SA1 presents its public with surveillance technology through the guise of an interactive installation. While their movements trigger image processing of an image, their own image is being recorded as material, made apparent by my disclaimer:

  • You are in a surveilled space and give up your presumed right to privacy by inhabiting this space...I alone author the work created with your image. You are my art. Thank you. Come again.

These “surveillance documents” are the remnants of this privately authored public space. U_R_MY_ART continues my interest in the imaging technologies, data collection, and the privatization of public space. My work acts as creative encryption, protecting the identities and actions of my participants through abstraction. While surveillance is a ubiquitous and normalized component of our modern lives, my works calls for transparency in our technologies and attempts to protect the public from others who would conceal their gaze.



URME Mirror. Is an extention of my work, YOUAREME.net, which seeks to multiply and extend my virtual identity. URME Mirror takes this concept and embues it with a physicality through an interactive installation.

Download URME Mirror Max Patch here

To learn more about YouAreMe.Net visit here


"LAA": An Interactive Sound and Video Installation.

"Laa" is an interactive sound and video installation that is a translation of another video work entitled "As I Lay Me Down (Hotel Room Floor)" which can be found at vimeo.com/49332073 While vacationing in Asbury Park, NJ durring 4th of July 2012 with some friends, I noticed this small play of light peaking through the curtain onto our ceiling. It was utterly sublime. Entranced by this light I was compelled to take video of it. My friends didn't share in this experience, they went about their morning, unsure and unable to understand my obsession. "As I Lay Me Down" is a reflection of that visual experience, of having a private internal moment in communal environment of others who did not share my perception. In contrast, "Laa" attempts to translate that visual experience, into an auditory one. Download The MaxMSP Patch for "Laa" here