YOUAREMEMONUMENT is an augmented reality temporal identity extender. It follows my work with in findiing ways of multiplying and extending my own identity by absorbing the characteristics of public monumental sculpture and portraiture. In two instances I become both Abraham Lincoln and George Solti. This is further enhanced through text which is sourced from these men's wikipedia page. The text has been altered so my name replaces there's. A third instance, which also goes by the title Leo is the Lion, acts humorously as my first Solo Exhibition  at the Art Institute of Chicago. Continuing my interest in extending, crowdscourcing, and appropriating identity, I decided to become the famous Lion statue outside of the Institute. With and audio overlay I took the phrase “Leo the Lion" and I ascribed myself the personality characteristics of the astrology sign, Leo, the most common reference of the phrase. Furthermore, Leo Is The Lion also addresses my concerns with the institutionalization of Art, by having my exhibition outside of the institution in a public rather than a privileged space

To experience it yourself, Download the Aurasma Augmented Reality Browser App on your smart phone and follow the channel Columbia Public Art. Then while in Aurasma, point your phone at any of the images above. Or go visit the sites and see it in person. Be warned however, that AR technology is extremely finicky on 3d objects in the real world and you may not have success. There is also a mock up below.