Eyesight Surveillance Window


ESW is first and foremost a spectacle. Projected onto a window, pedestrians from across the street and the surrounding area see a video of giant human eyeball, moving and blinking in real time.  The pupil of this eye serves as a mask for a live video feed of small discrete area across the street. When a pedestrian walks through this area, they see themselves in the center of the Eye.  Below the eye, are three other video images stacked horizontally each tinted in one of the tri-chromatic colors according to human color vision theory: Red, Green or Blue. As the pedestrian moves with-in the surveiled area (wave hand, jump up and down, move left to right) they immediately notice that there motion causes the three images to become less fragmented and tinted until finally they become whole full fcolor images. Then the viewer may also notice that each of the three videos is actually a recording of others that previously inhabited the surveiled area. ESW was made using Max/MSP with Jitter.