Digital and Interactive Media Portfolio 

Instructional Media Specialist


I have prepared a portfolio of my work in digital media in support of my application. Below you will find:

  • Several examples of videos I have shot, edited and produced based on categories including instructional, marketing, interview, and co-authored with students. 
  • Two example of multi-channel sound installations I created and documented.
  • Two examples of Interactive installations I created and documented.
  • One example of previous AR work documented via video, although I have done more work with AR since.
  • One example of my experience with 3D modeling and printing. 
  • Click here for a copy of my full CV which include artistic and collaborative experiences, or feel free to navigate the rest of my website. For other websites I have built, visit,,


Instructional Media/Tutorials

Selfie Statues

I created this video-based workshop for an Archives Capstone course. Some context: I was originally supposed to do this workshop in person, however I pulled several ligaments in my right ankle three days prior, which caused me to go on medical leave for a month. I shot, edited, and produced this video from home without access to my normal equipment. 

Tinkercad tutorial Videos 2a + 2B

These are two parts of a four part video series on Introductory 3D printing. In video 2A, I  give a brief overview of Tinkercad's UI and basic functions, while in 2B the user learns the essentials of synthesizing complex shapes from basic ones to create a cosmic ray gun. I was responsible for all aspects of this video



URME Surveillance Indiegogo Pitch Video

This pitch video from 2014 launched my indiegogo campaign for my artwork URME Surveillance. With it, I was able to raise 256% of my goal and had over a 140,000 views in the first two months of the campaign launching. This video in part is what helped make my work viral. I shot, produced, and edited this video using additional video images from youtube and other sources. 

Quest Video Teaser 2017

Quest is a scavenger hunt I helped design as part of the First-Year experience at Smith College. Quest took students through Smith's Creative Campus by hunting down clues and interacting with Smith's various makerspaces. For more information, visit I did the video and audio editing as well as the special effects. The raw footage was purchased from Pond5.


Interviews/Documentary Style

Nicholas Sagan For Fountains Foundation

Between 2013-14 I ran an alternative art space called the Fountains Foundation at 916 which consisted of 4 beauty mirrors installed over a set of public drinking fountains. In addition to curating group and solo exhibitions, creating marketing, and producing educational brochures for each exhibition, I also created a small public media library with interviews I shot, produced, and edited of the artists. The interviews are spliced with examples of the artist's other works. This is one such example. 

Smith ReACT IDP 400 Fall 2016 Documentation

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 7.56.53 PM.png

I created this video to document the efforts of Smith's IDP 400 students who spent the semester tackling the question of what it means to belong at Smith, which culminated in an event called Smith ReACT. I was asked to do this in my second week, with little to no context of the class or the event. The students were incredible to work with, and despite having less than a week to shoot, we were able to make a compelling video. I shot and edited this documentation.   


Co-Authoring With Students

Upper Dwight Roll Call, Residence Life

Columbia College Chicago's Upper Dwight RA's introducing themselves in an music video with original music, lyrics, and choreography. This was a collaborative effort with undergraduate students I supervised. I shot the video on Sony RX compact, edited the footage and synced up the audio to lipsync performances. The video is a tad longer than intended to highlight the full choreography created by the students.

Lyrics: BriElle Munizzi, Jeremy Foster
Audio Production: David Brusich
Choreography: Nate Pyzick, Nico Johnson
Videography and Editing: Leo Selvaggio
ADDITIONAL CAST/Costumes/Location Production: Hope Nash, Chris Chraca, Vinny Cavello, Turner Lotts, Nate Brooks

Multi Channel Audio Installation

Warped Wood

This experimental performance I created included a 5 Channel audio installation with each speaker hooked up a MOTU and controlled by a custom created Max/MSP program. The touch sensors in the video I also created and are hand-made contact mics that were embedded into the suit. This video is very long, as it captures the entire performance. I shot the 3 channel video and edited the documentation as well. Still images in video captured by Chelsey Schilling. 


This documentation is of an experimental sound installation which both public and private listening experience with live processing of ambient sounds. The visual component and audio signal processing were created in the Max MSP environment and programed by me.


Interactive Installations

URME Surveillance at Art Souterrain


Augmented Reality

YOUAREMEMONUMENT is an augmented reality temporal identity extender. It follows my work with YOUAREME.Net in finding ways of multiplying and extending my own identity by absorbing the characteristics of public monumental sculpture and portraiture. I do this by first overlapping my face onto the historical figure, and then appropriating their history as my own in the form of text.

Surveillance Art 1


3D Printing Tech

URME Polygons explores my interests in identity, data, and the open source movement. URME Polygons hacks the identities of historical figures by manipulating their icons using 3D modeling and printing technologies. URME Polygons replaces the faces in 3D models collected from Thingiverse’s creative commons archive of artifacts from around the world with a 3D scan of my own. Click here for more information.